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Instant Payment Notifications

Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)

This feature will enable you to set up your callback URL whenever customers make payments.

By default, you will receive a notification for both Failed and Successful Transactions, but you can specify to receive only successful transactions ONLY.


To receive IPNs:

  1. Sign in on JengaHQ (opens in a new tab).
  2. Select the Settings menu on the sidebar.
  3. Choose the IPN submenu. You will be able to see a list of configured IPNs.
  4. Click New IPN button on the top right of the dashboard.
  5. Fill in your callback URL, username and password.

Being a Fintech Company, we embrace security in all aspects, and we provide a mechanism for you to get assured the notification is coming from the right source. We expect your URL to have a Basic Auth authentication, which will authenticate as per your username and password registered alongside your URL.

Request Format

Below is the description of the payload that is sent to the URL you specify

Example payload
POST /send/callback/here HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic 67ew8n31me
  "callbackType": "IPN",
  "customer": {
    "name": "John Doe",
    "mobileNumber": "254712345678",
    "reference": "071648816466242"
  "transaction": {
    "date": "2023-10-11 14:15:20",
    "reference": "328411183176",
    "paymentMode": "CARD" || "MPESA" || "PWE" || "EQUITEL" || "PAYPAL" ,
    "amount": 150,
    "billNumber": "INVZCF",
    "servedBy": "EQ",
    "additionalInfo": "CARD",
    "orderAmount": 150,
    "serviceCharge": 5.25,
    "status": "SUCCESS" || "FAILED",
    "remarks": "00:Approved"
  "bank": {
    "reference": "328411183176",
    "transactionType": "C",
    "account": null

Below is the description of the payload that is sent to the URL you specify

Field NameDescriptionType
callbackTypeThe type of callback. In this case IPNString
customer.nameThe customer nameString
customer.mobileNumberThe customer mobile numberString
customer.referenceThe customer referenceString
transaction.dateThe transaction dateString
transaction.referenceThe transaction referenceString
transaction.paymentModeThe transaction mode of paymentString
transaction.amountThe transaction amountDouble
transaction.billNumberThe transaction bill number. This is the account numberString
transaction.orderAmountThe transaction order amountDouble
transaction.serviceChargeThe transaction service chargeDouble
transaction.additionalInfoAny additional information for the transactionString
transaction.statusTransaction statusString
transaction.remarksTransaction remarksString
bank.referenceThe bank system reference idString
bill.transactionTypeThe bill transaction typeString
bill.accountThe bill account numberString