API Explorer

Welcome :tada: fellow Jengi [pronounced dʒɛgaɪ ] to the JengaAPI reference documentation.

Use this page to start your journey towards build amazing applications. You can view the various categories of functionalities on the area to the left, descriptions in the middle and code examples in the area to the right. You can switch between your preferred programming language using the tabs that quickly gives you an indication of what you should be incorporating into your code. Happy Jenga-ing !

❗️ Using The API References Here

All APIs here are connected to our sandbox environment . We have provided the tokens required to test drive them below.

📘 Guides, Docs and Information

If you would like to get a more detailed description [read 'simple'] description of how to use these webservices head on over to the "Guides and Descriptions" section. We have also incorporated a Help Button at the bottom right of this page if you would like to interact with one of our code chefs :ramen:.

For the latest product updates and let our team know that you're ready to integrate fully, join our Jenga community on Slack (opens in a new tab) and say hello on the #jengaapi channel!