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This webservice returns all EazzyPay merchants.

200 Success Response Schema

Field NameField TypeField Description
merchantarraymerchants list
merchant.namestringmerchant name
merchant.tillnumberstringmerchant till number
merchant.outletsarrayoutlets list
merchants.outlets.namestringmerchant outlet name
merchants.outlets.tillnumberstringmerchant outlet till number

Example Request


In the example below, please remember to replace the variables enclosed within curly brackets {{ }} with the actual values.

Signature Formula e.g. randomstringhere
Example Request
curl -X GET \
	-H 'Authorization: Bearer {{token}}'  \
	-L 'https://sandbox.jengahq.io/transaction-test/v3/merchants?per_page=1&page=1'

Example Response

Example Response
    "merchants": [
            "name": "Nakumatt",
            "tillnumber": "0766002221",
            "outlets": [
                    "name": "Nakumatt Presitige",
                    "tillnumber": "0766002201"
                    "name": "Nakumatt Junction",
                    "tillnumber": "0766014221"