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:rocket: You can get started immediately with the APIs here to test them out.
If you would like to go into a full -blown test environment, head on over here (opens in a new tab) to create your account. For a detailed walk-through visit our Guides & tutorials (opens in a new tab) section You will receive your API Keys for test and production from there.

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  • You will be required to provide some basic KYC in order to comply with various policies and legal regulations. You can email us at support@jengaapi.io if you have any queries

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To try the APIs below type in the greyed out texts into the same fields. We promise, our intention is not to make your life unbearable :grin:. Just that you get the hang of using our web services.

Postman Buffs

Ok so if you may prefer to go straight into exploring :bicyclist: using Postman here is the collection:

[block:html] { "html": "<div class="postman-run-button"\ndata-postman-action="collection/import"\ndata-postman-var-1="2db5e08202b0d6bef217">\n<script type="text/javascript">\n (function (p,o,s,t,m,a,n) {\n !p[s] && (p[s] = function () { (p[t] || (p[t] = [])).push(arguments); });\n !o.getElementById(s+t) && o.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild((\n (n = o.createElement("script")),\n (n.id = s+t), (n.async = 1), (n.src = m), n\n ));\n }(window, document, "_pm", "PostmanRunObject", "https://run.pstmn.io/button.js\"));\n (opens in a new tab)" } [/block]